Can we get married in Quebec by an Ontario Officiant when we live in Ontario?

Getaways in Quebec such as Chelsea, Aylmer and Wakefield all offer super romantic and beautiful venues for wedding ceremonies! Can a couple living in Ottawa (or elsewhere in Ontario) get married in Quebec? Of course you can. However, if you plan to sign the legal marriage forms during your wedding ceremony in Quebec, you must retain an authorized officiant living in Quebec.

Many couples decide it’s much easier to do the legal paper work prior to their wedding day with an Ontario-based officiant. The law does *not* require you to sign legal wedding forms during your public wedding ceremony and celebration.

This might sound complicated, but it is ultimately quite simple. Marriages are within provincial jurisdiction. In other words, like all other Ontario officiants, I am only authorized to sign legal weddings forms during ceremonies taking place within Ontario’s provincial borders.

Many couples find an easy way around this situation. They pick up the legal wedding forms at their nearest city hall in Ontario and get them authorized (i.e. signed) in Ontario prior to the wedding day. So, give me a call! You and two witnesses can come to my home office in Old Ottawa South to get your legal documents authorized. Some time later, I’ll officiate at your wedding ceremony event at your favorite Quebec venue. The two events combined are charged at $400. I’d be honored!

[Just in case you like to read the fine print, here it is. Since I am a certified and registered officiant in Ontario, I have the privilege of a direct phone line to the Registrar General’s office in Thunder Bay. (Always make sure your officiant is legit… They explained to me that I can not officiate at wedding ceremonies in Quebec even if the couple obtained their License in Ontario and/or reside in Ontario. Here’s the fun part. If a couple have their home in Quebec, but plan to get married at an Ontario venue I can still solemnize their bonds if they get an Ontario License.]

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