Celebrant for Celebration of Life or Funeral

Do you seek to organize a Celebration of Life, maybe after a private burial or cremation? Or you have been asked to plan the ceremony at a funeral service. Likely, you are dealing with many details and concerns. I can provide the support you may need. I am a certified funeral Celebrant. I have helped hundreds of families plan meaningful ceremonies for loved ones. Please don’t hesitate to call me at 613.851.3682 for a free initial consultation. My fees are affordable and community orientated. FAQ

My Services

  • Plan the content for a Celebration of Life or funeral ceremony
  • Guide the ceremony as your Celebrant
  • Be the speaker at the funeral if you wish
  • Help manage any complex family dynamics that may surface during this difficult family time
  • Coordinate my services with the funeral director of your choice. Many funeral homes in Ottawa already know me.

First, I help plan the content for the occasion. We will meet in person or via Zoom to discuss what you have in mind. What type of ceremony may be most suitable to remember your loved one? Who may want to speak? What music could be played? Are there any complex family situations you worry about?

Next, I officiate at the funeral, cremation, burial, or Celebration of Life for your loved one. You could compare this role to an MC at any other family event. I work with families from all different backgrounds and traditions. Contact me at any time to start a conversation. Please visit my FAQ for more information.

Maybe you feel uneasy about traditional funeral ceremonies.

They are often held in a chapel or other formal setting. Please contact me to talk about more informal locations for the event. The point is to come together with purpose in a way that makes sense to you and those who miss the deceased. For example, families I’ve worked with have gathered in backyards, at a cottage around a campfire, at rented space or in their own living room. Some organize a simple potluck lunch. Death is never easy. I cherish helping people find ways to meaningfully gather during this time of loss, confusion and grief.

You can check my resources page for more information. Or visit these FAQ for more information.

Please review feedback from families and funeral professionals: Testimonials

Other questions?

The Ontario Funeral Association has many resources listed on its excellent website or visit my resources page.