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Have you have been tasked to organize a funeral or memorial? Likely, you are dealing with many details and the concerns of other family members. You’re doing all this while you facing the passing of a loved one yourself.

I’m a registered officiant with the Province of Ontario and can help. I am also qualified to conduct funerals as a Life Tribute Professional with InSight Certified Celebrants.

Nick Overduin is a certified funeral celebrant in Ottawa

I officiate at ceremonies related to a cremation, burial or memorial. First, I can help families plan the content for the occasion. Then, I officiate at the funeral or memorial. I have over 30 years of experience helping families organize cremation and burial funerals. I work with families from many traditions, faiths, no faith, all walks of life and orientations. I work with funeral homes across Ottawa, Gatineau and the Capital region. Contact me at any time to start a conversation. I suggest you review my FAQ about next steps and what to expect. You can reach me at 416.938.8520.

Is your family no longer (or never has been) affiliated with a religion or church? If so, you probably feel uneasy about traditional funeral ceremonies. They are often held in a chapel or other formal setting. Please contact me to talk about new ways to honour your loved one. To celebrate a life well lived and come together with purpose.

Death is never easy. I cherish helping people during this time of loss, confusion and grief.

You can check my resources page for more information.

Please review feedback from families and funeral professionals: Testimonials

Other questions? The Ontario Funeral Association has many resources listed on its excellent website or visit my resources page.