About Nick

Dr. Nick Overduin, MDiv, PhD

Weddings, Celebrations of Life and funerals are life transforming events. I care deeply about people in these supreme moments of life’s journey. You can contact me at nickoverduin@gmail.com or 416.938.8520. I’m never in a hurry and look forward to talking to you.

Values. I work with couples and families from all traditions, faiths, no faith, diverse backgrounds and orientations. Learn more about my values and privacy policy.

Qualifications. I am in good standing with my denomination as a retired clergyperson. I am registered as a licensed officiant by the province of Ontario to perform weddings and funerals. I am also internationally qualified and registered as a Life Tribute Professional with InSight Certified Celebrants.

I earned a Master of Divinity (MDiv) in 1984, worked as a university chaplain, a senior church minister, and a church consultant. My capstone project has been to earn my Doctorate in Philosophy at Trent University in 2019. I have published two books and numerous articles, and I continue to write for academic and popular audiences. (Don’t worry, I never have and don’t plan to ever sound like an absent-minded philosopher!)

Next steps. If you feel comfortable about my values and experience, you can reach me at any time to discuss your needs for a funeral, wedding, or other life events.

Nick welcomes couples and families from all background speaking languages from around the world!