Wedding Officiant in Ottawa, Ontario

Wedding Officiant & Funeral Celebrant Nick Overduin, MDiv, PhD

Weddings & Funerals

“We could not have asked for a better officiant than Nick.” – Marco & Lisa

At weddings and funerals we meet briefly but at depth. You can count on my complete attention. I look forward to meet you by phone, on Zoom or in person to discuss next steps. You can reach me at any time at 613.851.3682. I am eager to discuss your needs for a licensed officiant at your upcoming family event!

“Nick is a great officiant.” – Kimiko Sakamoto

I officiate at weddings and provide funeral celebrant services in Ottawa and region in Ontario. I love doing this work and have had the honour to work with hundreds of couples and families from all backgrounds. Contact me.

“You were awesome!” – Josephine Oppong.

What makes an officiant legit? It’s an important question to ask. Officiants need to be licensed in the Province of Ontario and keep careful records. Only authorized officiants can sign the legal documents required to get married. Learn more. If you’re unsure about the legal process to get married in Canada, please feel free to contact me without further obligation. You can also read my blog Three Steps which explains the legal process to make it official!

Nick Overduin is a certified funeral celebrant.
Nick Overduin works with couples and families from secular and different faith traditions. He is located in Ottawa, Ontario.

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